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MKD Series motor manufactured by Indramat, Bosch, Rexroth which features a 24 Motor Size and with holding brake 22 Nm Motor Feedback.

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Bosch Rexroth has an entire line of the MKD synchronous motors. In that series, MKD115C-024-KG1-AA is one of the largest units available. The noticeably big frame size is accompanied by the length of 38Nm. It is interesting to note that the overall weight of the unit is 95 pounds while the winding code is 024.

Everything starts with the installation process, but the MKD115C doesn’t have any more demanding setup than other similar motors. That still implies that only skilled personnel should perform the installation. The output shaft is plain, which the letter “G” in the motor number indicates. Also, the output direction of the power connector goes in the direction of the “A” side.

The product has the IP65 certification in the protection category, which means it is highly protective under optimal operating conditions. It is also worth noting that minimal effort is required for optimal motor maintenance. You should make sure to replace the bearings and lubricate the unit occasionally, but if you do that, the motor should last for decades to come.

Another piece of good news is that you can use MKD115C for various operations. You can adjust the product’s speed thanks to the built-in multi-turn encoder. The component belongs to absolute encoders and sends data about the rotor position within 4096 revolutions.

The final feature that deserves mentioning is the 22Nm holding brake. It can be of help when the unit doesn’t consume any energy as it enables you to clamp the servo axis.

Overall, you will get a reliable and durable unit that will serve you for years. The MKD series has been around for a long time because of the results it can deliver.

Synchronous Servo Motor: MKD
Motor Frame Size: Factory Assigned
Motor Length: Factory Assigned
Windings Code: 24
Motor Feedback: Resolver Feedback with integrated multiturn absolute encoder
Driven Shaft: shaft (with shaft sealing ring)
Holding Brake: with holding brake 22 Nm
Output Direction of Power Connection: Output connector in directon of side A
Other Design: none
MKD115C024KG1AA MKD-115C-024-KG1-AA
MKD 115C-024-KG1-AA