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HMS Series Drive Controller manufactured by Indramat, Bosch, Rexroth. This Controller features a DC-Bus Nominal Voltage of DC 700 V along with a Maximum Current number of 110 A.

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Bosch Rexroth is one today’s leaders in automation technologies. IndraDrive maintains as one of the leading Motion Control trends backed by a long history of innovation.  It boasts of an impressive array of benefits in scalable power and functionality, integrated hardware platform and unique safety ideas. The modularity design of IndraDrive allows for more cost-effective solutions, variable drives and integration to new technology.

It is customized for a wider power range for applications ranging from standard to high-end industry uses capable of compact drives featuring ethernet-based communications. What drives Bosch Rexroth is their passion for Movement, so they can be your partner of choice for safe, efficient, intelligent, future proof and powerful solutions.

The HMS01.1N-W0110-A-07-NNNN is a drive controller in the HMS Single Axis Inverters. It has a Maximum Current of 110 A, a DC-Bus Nominal Voltage of DC 700 V and Design of 1. It comes with an IP 20 Protection Mode and Air Cooling Mode, internal (through integrated blower). The controller drive offers flexible software-controlled solutions using a single software for all tasks housed in a compact modular design.

It has space-saving design that can be used for multi-axis applications with a continuous mechanical power of 1.5 to 132 kW.  In addition, system costs are significantly reduced due to its modular design. When connected to a converter, it makes the motor more efficient to maximize cost reduction. The drive unit is ultra-compact comprised of control unit and servo motor for a wide-array of applications offering more flexibility. Equipped with a drive-integrated safety technology, this controller drive can perform an integrated engineering framework for programming, operation and diagnostics to conform to your automation needs.

Product: HMS
Line: 1
Design: 1
Power Supply: Without
Cooling Mode: Air, internal (through integrated blower)
Maximum Current: 110 A
Protection Mode: IP 20
DC-Bus Nominal Voltage: DC 700 V
Other Design: None
HMS1.1N-W0110-A-07-NNNN HMS01.1N-W0110
HMSO1.1N-W0110-A-07-NNNN HMS 01.1N-W0110-A-07-NNNN
HMS01-1N-W0110-A-07-NNNN HMS011NW0110A07NNNN