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HMD Series

These drive controllers are used in AC drive systems to control and monitor the operation of the associated servomotors. They are available with different specifications and configurations to meet any requirements. The HMD drive controllers are characterized by a leakage current of more than 3.5 mA. The drive controllers do not have any internal power supply and feature a DC bus nominal voltage rating of 700 VDC. The controllers come equipped with touch guards and connectors to support their connection.

HMD drive controllers can be used in conjunction with the manufacturer’s MSK synchronous servomotors or MAD/MAF asynchronous servomotors and HMV DC power supply units. These Indramat drive controllers should always be operated with connected equipment grounding conductor connections and plugged into- connectors even if there are no active lines connected to the connectors. Their power sections switch the external 24V voltage supply to the required output needed for controlling the motor holding brake. The controllers should encompass ground connections of their housings for protection against contact and their functional safety. We can fix your broken drive controllers without extended lead times and with a one-year warranty.


  • HMD drive controllers have two coded inverter inputs for their power sections. The coding helps to prevent an accidental interchange of the two cables connected to them.
  • The drive controllers are at risk of getting damaged if very long screws are used for connecting the shield connection motor cables at the XS2 connectors. The maximum screw length allowed is 12 mm.
  • These Indramat drive controllers must be connected such that their load resistance lines and signal lines are not in proximity to each other so that interference can be avoided.
  • The HMD range of drive controllers can be connected with the manufacturer’s HAS02 accessory at their bottom for connection of their motor cable shields and offering strain relief to the motor cables.
  • The drive controllers are free of any hazardous substances that tend to have a negative influence on the environment or may get released with appropriate use.


HMD series of drive controllers are equipped with two terminals for DC bus connection that allow the interconnection of several drive controllers or the connection of one drive controller to additional drive controllers. These Indramat controllers tend to have high surface temperatures of more than 60°C for their housings during operation.

The electrical power to the components of HMD drive controllers must be disconnected and secured against reconnection during their cleaning, maintenance and repair or long periods of non-usage. The drive controllers need a cooling time of 15 minutes before they can be touched after they have been switched off.


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