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Wake Industrial specializes in the sale and repair of industrial automation parts in any condition and offers them a one-year warranty. We offer Rexroth Indramat DMD servo drives in varying configurations to meet all possible requirements of an application. 

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DMD Servo Drive Series

DMD servo drives are designed to function like AC servo drivers. These servo drives must be installed only on non-combustible surfaces such as metal. These drives can be connected to a single-phase or a three-phase 200VAC to 230VAC power supply connection with +10%/-15% tolerance and 50Hz/60Hz frequency.

Rexroth DMD servo drives are used with only motors of the specified designation. The servo drives are not intended to be operated at a voltage higher than the rated voltage, as this can cause smoke or fire. Their output signals are used to control the holding brake of the connected motors. The drives are integrated with an overload protection function that is triggered if they are operated continuously for long hours with the output current higher than the rated current. They can be connected with MMD servomotors with the help of the SUP-E01-MMD accessory set. Our industry-leading capabilities allow us to repair your broken DMD Series part extremely fast.


  • DMD servo drives have integrated dynamic brakes to perform an emergency stop action. The brake gets activated when the drive is in servo-OFF state, the protective function is activated and/or the power supply is off.
  • These Rexroth servo drives encompass a seven-segment LED display on their front panels that highlights the error code associated with an error that is encountered during operation in a flashing pattern. The user manual lists these codes, what they mean and their causes and fixes.
  • The DMD servo drives comprise Mode switches on their front panels to select an appropriate operating mode. The different modes are Monitor mode, Jog mode, Automatic Tuning mode, EEPROM Write-In mode and Parameter Setting mode.
  • The entire range of servo drives are lightweight and weighs approximately between 0.9kg and 1.2kg.
  • DMD servo drives have four fixed control inputs and three fixed control outputs for the input and output signals. The four fixed inputs are Servo-ON, Alarm clear, CW-run limit and CCW-run limit. The three fixed outputs are Servo-alarm and Positioning-complete/Velocity arrival.

DMD servo drives allow tracking the past eight errors, including the latest error which can be viewed on the LED display. These drives are available with output power ratings between 100W and 750W. They get tripped, and the alarm output signal changes from ON to OFF when any of the multiple protective functions are activated.

The servo drives are capable of incorporating a feed-forward function when a high-speed response is needed. They deploy natural convection cooling mode to avoid overheating during operation. The wiring between Rexroth DMD servo drives and adjacent equipment must be kept as short as possible.


  • 1 Year Warranty on AC & DC Drives
  • 1 Year Warranty on AC & DC Motors
  • 1 Year Warranty on HMI's and PLC's
  • 1 Year Warranty on Boards and Option Cards


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