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Wake Industrial specializes in industrial automation products, and we have different types of refurbished Rexroth Indramat Indramat DDC servo drives that we offer, along with great service. DDC servo drives are digital servo drives and are used in conjunction with MDD servomotors from the same manufacturer. These servo drives differ from several other drives with their IP 65 degree of protection. They have a three-phase brushless design and depict separate connecting points for the motor power and feedback cables. 

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DDC Series

DDC servo drives are highly dynamic and are equipped with precision servo control features to measure the position of the high-resolution rotor of the motor across the entire speed range. They are controlled by a microprocessor that performs the parameterization, monitoring and diagnostics operations digitally. The basic unit of these Rexroth servo drives encompasses a bleeder resistor for the energy generated during the braking action, a DC bus converter, a power section for the control voltages and a mains contactor for disconnecting the power. Our expertise helps us to build obsolete or non-existent parts that are impossible to find due to a lack of supply or the global computer chip shortage.

DDC servo drives support direct installation at the feeder even under adverse manufacturing and environmental conditions because of their IP 65 protection category. As a result, it is possible to eliminate the use of long cables that are prone to faults and save space because there is no need for a cabinet.
These Rexroth servo drives can be configured by inserting plug-in cards in the five slots labeled U1 to U5 in the basic unit according to the application. When a servo drive is configured, it includes the basic unit, the software module, the command interface card, the optional auxiliary plug-in cards or modules and the configuration rating plate. The fifth slot is intended for inserting the software module.
The entire range of DDC servo drives has an alphanumeric display that provides extensive diagnostics and helps in easy troubleshooting when a fault is encountered.
The servo drives have an integrated protection system that allows them to be directly connected to a three-phase 220 V power source. The protection mechanism also enhances the lifespan of the Rexroth servo drives because of currentless switching.
The DDC servo drives support two types of command interface modules. One module type is an interface to a numerically controlled unit. The other type is a positioning control unit comprising interfaces to the hand terminal of the machine. 

The command interface cards that can be used with Indramat DDC servo drives are a SERCOS interface, an analog interface with either an incremental encoder emulator or an absolute encoder emulator and a positioning module. The auxiliary plug-in cards allowed are an input/output interface, a high-resolution positioning interface and an incremental position interface.

The DSM 2.1 software module plugged in to the Rexroth servo drives contains the operating software and the parameters to adjust the drive according to the associated motor. The module is designed such that when a hardware replacement is done, the parameters stored in it are not affected. 


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