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This versatile control unit is built to ensure flexibility, making it suitable for creating customized solutions across diverse industry applications.  

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CSB Series

Transform your approach to motion control now with the game-changing Rexroth Indramat CSB Controller. This versatile control unit is built to ensure flexibility, making it suitable for creating customized solutions across diverse industry applications. Its cutting-edge features are perfect for motion control in applications like machine tools, food processing and packaging machines, and printing and paper processing machines.

  • Versatile Encoder Connections

Experience the flexibility that the multi-encoder support of the Rexroth Indramat CSB Controller brings to your automation processes. With the control unit, you can select the most appropriate encoder for your applications and optimize performance based on these needs. This feature also accommodates encoder upgrades for seamless integration with new technologies, securing the future of your business.

  • High-Speed Multi-protocol Communication

Accurate real-time information exchange forms the backbone of many motion control systems. The Rexroth Indramat CSB Controller is compatible with different communication protocols, including sercos II, PROFIBUS, CANopen, etc. What this means for you is rapid signal transfer and the seamless integration of the control unit into different automation systems. Signal integrity is also guaranteed with reduced risk of interference.

  • Integrated Safety Technology

Comprehensive safety technology modules are built into the Rexroth Indramat CSB Controller to protect users and equipment during operation. These cost-effective modules correspond with international safety standards, reducing the risk of injury-associated downtime and the breakdown of machinery. Its safety features also ensure efficient, uninterrupted operations for enhanced productivity.

  • Compatible with User-friendly PC Software

Stay in control with the smart operation of the software-compatible Rexroth Indramat CSB Controller. Its user-friendly interface lets you navigate the diverse functions of the controller, allowing you to parameterize it to suit your needs. It also plays a crucial role in the maintenance of the system and the rapid identification and resolution of faults. Prepare for minimal risks of downtime with this future-forward control unit built to simplify your automation tasks.

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