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Bosch Rexroth IndramatMachine Operator Panel in the BTM16 Series.

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The BTM16.2-TA-TA-VA-SA-HA-2EA is a machine operator panel from the manufacturer Bosch Rexroth Indramat. This device features a line 16, 2-panel design with a 2EA master board and a configuration of TA-TA-VA-SA-HA. The unit is specifically designed to be used with the BTV30 machine operator terminal.

This machine operator panel will complete your machine operator terminal while providing all the support you need for the operation of your machine as well as mode selection. As such there is the incorporation of a number of elements including keys with LEDs, spindle overrides, federate overrides, hand wheel and an emergency stop button that is activated by a pushing motion. 

There are two keypad modules in the control panel which can be freely programmable. There is a federate override module as well as a spindle override module. There is an additional module slot which one can use to equip as necessary for your business needs. There is a right module slot which can be equipped with an emergency stop button or can also be equipped with a blind plate or even a hand wheel based on your needs.

There are a total of 39 keys that can be freely programmed and labeled for your specific use. There are 39 related LEDs; one for each key. The end user can opt to connect an external hand wheel which can still be connected even when the right module slot has been equipped with the emergency stop button. Additionally, the BTM16.2-TA-TA-VA-SA-HA-2EA features 16 inputs along with 16 outputs which can be used for the connection of externally mounted display or control elements. The machine operator panel can be further connected to an MTC200 or MT-CNC SPS by way of an InterBus-S remote bus interface and can allow for a reasonable alternative for the BTM15 operator panels.

Product: BTM
Line: 16
Design: 2
Configuration: TA-TA-VA-SA-HA
Master Board: 2EA