The Relationship Between Indramat and IndraDrive

31 August, 2023


Indramat manufactured its drives under the brand name Indramat until Rexroth acquired the company. Indramat drives were majorly electric. Following the acquisition, the drive range extended to include Rexroth's pneumatic and hydraulic drive options. Subsequently, when Indramat became a part of Bosch Rexroth, the drives were branded or referred to as IndraDrive.

Indramat drives are no longer being produced as the company no longer exists, and the last set of Indramat products were manufactured over two decades ago. Hence, Indramat drives are considered to be legacy drives. However, their ruggedness and durability combined with excellent performance often indicate that they may not require a replacement for a long time if they are put to use as specified by the manufacturer.

Matching an Indramat Drive with an IndraDrive

All major Indramat drive groups can be associated with a corresponding drive group from the IndraDrive collection that is still available in the market. This mapping is given below.

  • Indramat DDS – IndraDrive HMS
  • Indramat DKC – IndraDrive HCS02 or HCS03
  • Indramat DKR – IndraDrive HMV-R
  • Indramat DKS – IndraDrive HCS02 or HCS03
  • Indramat RAC – IndraDrive HMV-R
  • Indramat TDM – IndraDrive HCS02, HCS03 or HMS

More than one legacy drive from Indramat can be compared with an IndraDrive.


Can an Indramat drive be directly replaced by an IndraDrive?

No, it is not possible to use an IndraDrive as a direct replacement for an Indramat drive. For instance, if your Indramat DDS drive breaks down unexpectedly, you cannot incorporate an IndraDrive HMS in its place and get your drive system up and running. You will often have to make various changes throughout the line, and this can turn out to be an expensive deal especially if you plan to make no changes to your present machinery. It is always possible to do an upgrade when the need arises.

Why is it better to choose an Indramat drive over an IndraDrive?

The legacy drives from Indramat are way less expensive than their matching IndraDrive counterparts. Some IndraDrive options can be even 10 times costlier than the Indramat drives. If an IndraDrive is used in an Indramat system, the multiple changes that must be made or the resulting industrial machinery replacement will result in a high expenditure. Indramat drives can continue performing well and meeting your expectations if repaired properly instead of replacing them.

Our experts at Wake Industrial can fix your Indramat drive for you with their expertise in repairing obsolete parts in minimum time. We can also help you find an Indramat drive to meet your needs from our large portfolio of Indramat products with backup support for one year. On the other hand, if an upgrade is what you are looking to implement in your system, you can check out our IndraDrive options as well. If you cannot decide on the type of drive you must be using, you can contact us regarding product specifications, repair quotes, recommendations on repairs and much more.

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