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Danaher Controls Eagle Signal Timer 30MIN 60Hz 120VAC


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Danaher Controls Eagle Signal Timer 30MIN 60Hz 120VAC

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Product Description

Timers are one of the crucial equipment being used in industries worldwide. From basic fabrication to high-end production lines, they find massive application owing to the cyclic nature of most operations. Eagle Signal leads the way in the production of industrial level timers with its state of the art facilities and creative team.

Of the various product ranges it offers to its international clientele, HG1 FLEXOPULSE is one of the very best and well-received. These repeat cycle, two circuit timers find application in numerous applications that require symmetric as well as asymmetric cycle time periods.

The HG105A6 is a part of the HG1 FLEXOPULSE series and is arguably the perfect timer for medium-scale timing operations.

This amazing product has two concentric dials; a different one for the ON and OFF cycles. This makes configuring the cycles, especially asymmetric cycles, very convenient. The dial range is 30 minutes with the minimum allowable setting at 30 seconds. This gives users a lot of flexibility in setting their cycle periods.

Engineers can also set the maximum dwell or overlap of the cam being actuated by the timer’s precision gear transmission. The maximum value for both of these is 30 seconds, allowing users to exercise complete control over how their cycles work.

HG105A6 is not that power consuming as well, with a motor burden of only 2.5 VAC. Furthermore, it operates at a voltage of 120V and a frequency of 60 Hz.

HG105A6 is housed inside Eagle Signals’ CYCL-FLEX plug-in casing which ads a lot of value to the main product, augmenting it with shock resistance and mechanical strength. This timer can withstand temperatures in the range of -20-140 oF and is built to survive 10,000,000 operations.

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