VT 3000 S 20

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Rexroth, Indramat, Bosch Proportional Valve Amplifier in the VT-3000 Series. This Proportional Valve Amplifier features a Operating Voltage of 24 VDC + or - 10 % with a 32 pin plug-in Euro card design of Connection Type.

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It fits for the control of pilot operated proportional directional valve (type, series up to 6x, WRZ) and also directs operated proportional pressure valve without having electrical position feedback. Four commands values can be adjusted using a potentiometer, 4 commands value call-ups with a LED display. The features also contain a step function generator, ramp generator, differential input, it includes two pulsed current output stages and a polarity guarding the voltage supply.

Functional Description

Having the command value inputs from 1-4 command values can also be called up by operating similar relays (K1to K4). The command value voltage is given directly via a controlled voltage (+-) 9v of the power supply, or it can be through an external command value using a potentiometer. If the four commands value input directly connects to the controlled voltage, four various command values can be set at the potentiometer (R1 to R4). Whenever you are trying to use external command value potentiometer at these inputs, the internal potentiometers can also function as dilute or limiters when they are not set to maximum.

Maintenance Instructions

The amplifier card might only be plugged in or unplugged when it is switched off, do not try to use plugs with freewheel diodes or LED displays whenever you want to connect the solenoids! You can carry out measurements in the cards with instruments R>100K. When switching command values make use of relay with good contacts of small voltage and small currents. Make sure that you screen command values lines and connect the screen to 0V operating voltage on the card side, other side stays open (danger of both loops). Finally, when you are using several inputs or both inputs must always be switched off or on simultaneously.

Product: VT 3000
Connection Type: 32 pin plug-in Euro card design
Series: 20
Ramp Time: Factory Assigned
Operating Voltage: 24 VDC + or - 10 %
VT3000S20 VT 3OOO S 2O
VT3000 S 20