VT 2000-52

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Rexroth, Indramat, Bosch proportional amplifier in the VT-2000 Series. This proportional amplifier features a Operating Voltage 24 VDC + 40 % - 5 % along with a Connection Type of 32-pin male connector, DIN 41 612, form D.

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VT 2000-52 is manufactured by the leading Bosch Rexroth Indramat. It is a part of the VT-2000 series and belongs to the component 52 series


  • It is manufactured by Bosch Rexroth Indramat
  • The component series is 52
  • Its part series is VT-2000 proportional amplifier
  • Its name plate is factory assigned
  • It has a 32-pin male connection, DIN 41 612, form D connection type
  • Its pulse frequency is 100 Hz or 200 Hz; + or – 10 % each
  • Its operating voltage is 24 VDC + 40 % – 5 %

The product is best known for its high-quality and safety features. It has a voltage stabilizer. With the presence of this stabilizer, users are assured of continuous voltage which assures continuous performance in all situations. The product also has an integrated potentiometer. The presence of this helps in ensuring that the maximum input command voltage signals are limited which is quite essential for the safety of the equipment. Thus, the product promises great safety and stability when used in the right environment and when installed by professionals.

The product also features a ramp generator. This ramp generator controls the rate of pressure. This helps in increasing and decreasing which is signal vs time. It features a pulse width modulated output. This means there is a dither effect which helps in reducing hysteresis. It also offers high ambient temperature range.

The amplifier cards help in converting an input voltage signal. It converts proportionally into an output current to the power which is a proportional solenoid. It is also dependent on amount of current which goes to the solenoid. The force on this specific pilot poppet varies. Thus, it helps in increasing or decreasing the pressure.



Pulse Frequency: 100 Hz or 200 Hz; + or - 10 % each
Name Plate: Factory Assigned
Component Series: 52
Connection Type: 32-pin male connector, DIN 41 612, form D
Product: VT 2022
Operating Voltage: 24 VDC + 40 % - 5 %
VT 2OOO-52 VT 2000-52