TDM 3.2-020-300-W0

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TDM Series Modular AC Servo Control Drive by Indramat, Bosch, Rexroth. This unit has a Type Current of 20A along with a Nominal DC Bus Voltage of 300V.

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TDM drives were primarily designed for power ranges between low to medium voltages with an emphasis on versatility. Several TDM drives are used on CNC machines, as well as devices in the automotive and packaging industry. The TDM drive parts also belong to the ANAX drive series which is designed to ensure users get to enjoy a perfectly tuned controller. Another hallmark feature of the TDM drive parts is its ruggedness.

There are several types of TDM controllers, and they are named and ranked from unit 1 to 7. One of the important part numbers in the TDM series is the TDM 3.2-020-300-W0 drive controller.

The TDM 3.2-020-300-W0 drive can be switched to power down each axis motor safely; this is one of the standout features of this drive part. It has adjustable power ranges (Low and Medium) which makes it easy to regulate coupled with its vast application range. The TDM 3.2-020-300-W0 drive controller has a peak current of 200A with an internally connected controller fan to control the heat and servo as a cooling system.

Its internally connected controller fan has a volt of 24 and F5 fuses. It also has an external connection X13 connected through a unique 3-pole cable in case a controller with an AC of 220V or fan of AC 115V will be added. The TDM 3.2-020-300-W0 allows for a motor thermostat contact to be attached and also blocking brake controller.

Lastly, before this drive part is used, you must ensure that the device you want to use it with is compatible with the motor and controller to maximize efficiency, prevent low performance and possibly damage.

Modular Servo Drive Unit: TDM
Series: 3
Model Configuration: 2
Type Current: 20A
Nominal DC Bus Voltage: 300V
Cooling Style: Natural Convection
TDM 3.2-020-300W0 TDM 3-2-020-300W0
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