TDM 1.4-050-300-W1-000

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TDM Series Modular AC Servo Control Drive by Indramat, Bosch, Rexroth. This unit has a Type Current of 50A along with a Nominal DC Bus Voltage of 300V.

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TDM 1.4-050-300-W1-000 is a part number of the AC Servo Drive manufactured by Bosch Rexroth under the Indramat brand. These controllers are highly rated by the users. They score high on several parameters and can be relied upon to serve, once fitted, for several years. The TDM 1.4-050-300-W1-000 AC drive is a strongly built piece of process equipment that arrives in a ‘ready to fit and commission’ condition. These are flush-mounted parts and installation does not pose any difficulties.

The part number TDM 1.4-050-300-W1-000 clearly indicates a few specifications of this Drive. The Model Configuration is 4; the input current is 50 Amps and the nominal DC Bus Voltage is 300 Volts. A built-in fan takes care of cooling the TDM 1.4-050-300-W1-000 AC Servo Drive. The Drive is built to suit MAC 71 to MAC 160 motors. This is how the Drive is calibrated before being sent out of the factory. The user can read through the instruction manual and product sheet to set the controller and fit it in its place within their process instrumentation panel. The dimensions of the TDM 1.4-050-300-W1-000 AC Servo Drive are 15.3 inches in height x 12.5 inches in width and 4.3 inches in length. The part weighs 22 pounds.

A unique feature of TDM 1.4-050-300-W1-000 AC Servo Drive and the other drives in this series is the ability to act as torque-controlled drives in a typical master-slave drive setup. There are a few actions to be taken in such situations with the perfect coupling of the motor shafts of the master and slave drives. For any assistance, the detailed manual is the ultimate guide. In addition, the company has an effective customer support mechanism in place. Users can call up the 24/7 assistance number at Bosch Rexroth Indramat and have their questions answered.

Modular Servo Drive Unit: TDM
Series: 1
Model Configuration: 4
Type Current: 50A
Nominal DC Bus Voltage: 300V
Cooling Style: Built-in Fan
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