TDM 1.2-50-300-W1

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TDM Series Modular AC Servo Control Drive by Indramat, Bosch, Rexroth. This unit has a Type Current of 50A along with a Nominal DC Bus Voltage of 300V.

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The TDM series of AC Servo Drives from Bosch Rexroth Indramat are a boon to those working in the manufacturing industries. Process automation requires the prime movers to be in perfectly tuned order. These controllers do their job precisely. You may even replace the motors and many other components of your instrumentation panel but the TDM 1.2-50-300-W1 drive will keep going for 20 or 25 or even 30 years. That’s how sturdy they are. In the rare event of a malfunction, Indramat will repair and return the drive in a day. Your production will not be allowed to suffer.

In terms of specifications, the TDM 1.2-50-300-W1 has a cooling system that works through forced ventilation. The current rating is 50 Amps and the DC voltage is 300 Volts with a +/- 15% allowance. You should check with the company’s operation manual to know the limits of ambient temperature. This is particularly important if the TDM 1.2-50-300-W1 drive is going to be deployed in extreme conditions. The manual will provide you with all the details you would want to know about the entire range of Bosch Rexroth Indramat AC Servo Drives.

One of the many advantages you enjoy with these controllers is that they come with a useful diagnostic display on the front of the unit. This display is capable of giving you indications if something goes wrong. The LED lamp is either OFF or flashing or constantly ON. The whole set of diagnostics is available to the operator to quickly identify the issue and rectify. As mentioned earlier, the production process won't be affected in any way and the TDM 1.2-50-300-W1 AC drive ensures this is done effectively.

Modular Servo Drive Unit: TDM
Series: 1
Model Configuration: 2
Type Current: 50A
Nominal DC Bus Voltage: 300V
Cooling Style: Built-in Fan
TDM1.2-50-300-W1 TDM 1.2-50-300-WI
TDM1250300W1 TDM01.2-50-300-W1
TDM 1-2-50-300-W1 TDM 1.2-50-300W1