TDM 1.2-30-300-W0

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TDM Series Modular AC Servo Control Drive by Indramat, Bosch, Rexroth. This unit has a Type Current of 30A along with a Nominal DC Bus Voltage of 300V.

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The TDM 1.2-30-300-W0 is a part of the low power range AC Servo Drives from Bosch Rexroth Intramat, the virtual leaders in the segment. There are some common attributes that run through the entire series of AC drives. One of them is the tough build the TDM series drives are known for. This is amply demonstrated by the large number of these drives in operation across industries in many countries. More significantly, even if the drives malfunction, they can be repaired and reused. You don’t have to invest all over again in a new drive.

The TDM 1.2-30-300-W0 AC Servo Drive is primed for a low 30 Ampere current with the voltage rating at 300 Volts. Configuration 2 is applied and the conventional natural convection type cooling is provided in this drive.

Among the industry verticals that use TDM 1.2-30-300-W0 AC Servo Drives are the wood working industry, factories where automation systems form part of the process and obviously, the automation sector where the production line equipment will have these drives fitted in them. There are several advantages of using the Servo AC Drives from Rexroth. When there is a need to bring down the mechanical load coupled to the motors, for example, these drives do a stellar job. Similarly, when two motors are coupled in a master/slave combination, the torque control is pre-set.

The TDM 1.2-30-300-W0 AC Servo Drive and the other drives in this range from Bosch Rexroth Indramat are preferred by the end-users for yet another operational reason. It is quite easy to locate faults in these controllers and to fix them as well. You get detailed manuals from the manufacturer that would help you in fitting and commissioning the AC Servo Drives of the TDM 1.2-30-300-W0 type or any other. 

Modular Servo Drive Unit: TDM
Series: 1
Model Configuration: 2
Type Current: 30A
Nominal DC Bus Voltage: 300V
Cooling Style: Natural Convection
TDM 1.2-30-300W0 TDM 1-2-30-300W0
TDM01.2-30-300-W0 TDM1230300W0
TDM 1.2-30-300-WO TDM1.2-30-300-W0