TDM 1.2-050-300-W1-220

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TDM Series Modular AC Servo Control Drive by Indramat, Bosch, Rexroth. This unit has a Type Current of 50A along with a Nominal DC Bus Voltage of 300V.

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TDM 1.2-050-300-W1-220 is a variation of the servo drive module that is a part of the TDM series manufactured by Bosch Rexroth. It is the first line of these amplifiers that the German company designed, and we will analyze its featured below.

The crucial thing about this particular drive is the “220” mark at the end of the official serial number. It marks that it utilizes AC 220V as the connection voltage for the integrated fan. Depending on your needs, you can also find models that utilize different voltage options.

The integrated fan that we mentioned is a way to cool down the unit. The company took things to the next level with this system to ensure optimal cooling, and a built-in fan seemed like the best option. It may seem like the forced ventilation was also the only alternative, especially if you keep in mind that the level of current this TDM 1.2 unit produces can’t be cooled down efficiently by using natural convection.

The drive utilizes a 50A current, which requires a fan to prevent overheating. The link circuit rated voltage is 300V, which is the same for all models within the TDM1 series. As for other relevant parameters and technical data, it is of vital importance to mention that the product features IP 10 protection type. Safety of the users is the primary concern of the manufacturer, and this drive seems to deliver optimal results in that category.

Finally, the insulation category was marked by the manufacturer as C. Although it is one of the heavier units in the TDM1 line, it is still a reliable module that won’t disappoint you when it comes to performance.

Modular Servo Drive Unit: TDM
Series: 1
Model Configuration: 2
Type Current: 50A
Nominal DC Bus Voltage: 300V
Cooling Style: Built-in Fan
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