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HMS Series Drive Controller manufactured by Indramat, Bosch, Rexroth. This Controller features a DC-Bus Nominal Voltage of DC 700 V along with a Maximum Current number of 350 A.

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Bosch Rexroth presents the HMS01 Modular Single axis inverter to use in the automation and control system of companies that require the absolute best performance without any compromise. Industrial automation is the future now and all organizations are looking for ways to reduce human input in their processes. For this to become possible, each element must be of impeccable quality and must have a long work life. IndraDrive is one of the few companies trusted by engineers around the world due to their high quality control units that are up to all international standards.

The Rexroth Invertor possesses the capability of providing constant current supply of 250 Amp. It can also operate perfectly up to 350 Amps which is its maximum limit. This ability of the HMS01.1N-W0350-A-07-NNNN Single Axis Inverter allows it to be used for multiple applications in several industries without any major problems. Another selling feature of this inverter is the fact that it can combine with either a converter or a power supply depending on the requirements of the system.

The power consumption of HMS01.1N-W0350-A-07-NNNN Inverter, without the control unit or the motor brake, is 218 W or 9.1 Amp which is quite good for an inverter in this category. Another attractive feature of HMS01 is its incredible design; it has an attractive look and weighs about 32 kg. The inverter also comes with two X1 Modulus busses and a single motor connection and a connection for an external fan. For companies that require continuous operation without any breaks, even for maintenance, the HMS01 is the perfect option as it does not disturb the entire system in case it becomes faulty. This ability is quite important as sometime a shutdown may result in a loss of millions for the company. 

Product: HMS
Line: 1
Design: 1
Power Supply: Without
Cooling Mode: Air, internal (through integrated blower)
Maximum Current: 350 A
Protection Mode: IP 20
DC-Bus Nominal Voltage: DC 700 V
Other Design: None
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