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HMS Series Drive Controller manufactured by Indramat, Bosch, Rexroth. This Controller features a DC-Bus Nominal Voltage of DC 700 V along with a Maximum Current number of 36 A.

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If you are looking for a way to revolutionize your operations and poise your business for future success, make the rewarding investment of an innovative Bosch Rexroth IndraDrive system. As leading engineers and manufacturers in industrial automation products, Bosch Rexroth has improved their designs over many years so that you can feel confident that you are choosing the best components for your systems. All of Bosch Rexroth’s industrial automation components are intended to facilitate effortless integration into a range of applications. IndraDrive systems are specifically fashioned to easily combine all necessary components providing an effective, scalable solution that will keep your system optimized for as long as possible.

The IndraDrive C modular converters, M modular inverters, and M modular power supplies have been created to work together with minimal setup and maintenance. The standard interfacing and user friendly IndraWorks software allow for maximum control and advanced error monitoring of your systems during operation. The HMS01.1N-W0036-A-07-NNNN modular single axis converter can be used alone or with the C converters and/or M power supplies in any system capable of handling up to 12 amps of current. Allowing for the combination of various converters, inverters, and power supplies provides flexibility to maximize efficiency in small axis groups and/or large axis groups. This flexibility enables you to create a fully customized system for your needs and makes it easy to maintain your system for as long as possible.

Product: HMS
Line: 1
Design: 1
Power Supply: Without
Cooling Mode: Air, internal (through integrated blower)
Maximum Current: 36 A
Protection Mode: IP 20
DC-Bus Nominal Voltage: DC 700 V
Other Design: None
HMS1.1N-W0036-A-07-NNNN HMS01.1N-W0036
HMSO1.1N-W0036-A-07-NNNN HMS 01.1N-W0036-A-07-NNNN
HMS01-1N-W0036-A-07-NNNN HMS011NW0036A07NNNN