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HMS Series Drive Controller manufactured by Indramat, Bosch, Rexroth. This Controller features a DC-Bus Nominal Voltage of DC 700 V along with a Maximum Current number of 36 A.

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The IndraDrive M Modular Single axis inverter is a modern and advanced take on inverters. It is manufactured by Bosch Rexroth, one of the leading engineering companies from Germany which provides automation & control systems solutions for industries striving to achieve the best possible quality standards. With the current progression towards advanced machinery & lesser reliance on human interaction, the IndraDrive provides a viable long term solution to this dilemma by incorporating gears, motors, power units, and control units specially designed for the future.

The Modular Rexroth Inverter converts the DC power supply into usable AC power supply, which can further be used for various applications. The HMS01.1N-W0036-A-07-NNNN inverter comes with the ability to provide a continuous current of 21.3 Amp and a maximum current of 36 Amp. This is an optimal amount of current for the operation of motors, motor holding brakes, etc. The inverter consumes a relatively meager, 15 Watts of power and has a compact mass of only 5.3 kg.

This makes the HMSO1 suitable for single axis operations. The specialty of this device is the fact that it can be combined with a converter or a power supply depending on the demand of the system. Connecting this Rexroth Inverter with a converter provides a more cost-effective solution for industries. The inverter generally uses a common DC bus in tandem with other inverters. The modular aspect of the HMSO1 allows for much easier maintenance because a faulty inverter can be taken out and fixed without disturbing the entire system. This is an extremely important aspect because it makes the IndraDrive Inverter the ideal cost-effective measure for any industry that demands excellence.

Product: HMS
Line: 1
Design: 1
Power Supply: Without
Cooling Mode: Air, internal (through integrated blower)
Maximum Current: 36 A
Protection Mode: IP 20
DC-Bus Nominal Voltage: DC 700 V
Other Design: None
HMS1.1N-W0036-A-07-NNNN HMS01.1N-W0036
HMSO1.1N-W0036-A-07-NNNN HMS 01.1N-W0036-A-07-NNNN
HMS01-1N-W0036-A-07-NNNN HMS011NW0036A07NNNN