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HMS Series Drive Controller manufactured by Indramat, Bosch, Rexroth. This Controller features a DC-Bus Nominal Voltage of DC 700 V along with a Maximum Current number of 20 A.

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Intelligent automation is the key to reshaping the future of our workplaces. Bosch Rexroth is the undisputed leader in this space where automation, in conjunction with AI, is opening new vistas by creating a new formidable workforce that is a mix of humans and machines.

 The systems developed by Bosch Rexroth are ever adapting to the changing needs and are carefully curetted to accommodate a wide range of applications and data by incorporating modular structures. The superior technology of their mechanical parts, like the power and control units, gearboxes, camshafts, motors, etc is achieved by using a state of the art IndraDrive with advanced regulators that ensure precision at every stage. Such integration makes the entire system highly responsive and intelligent. This capability of handling mundane to the complex events, ensure that organizations improve their business results.

The HMS01.1N-W0020-A-07-NNNN drive controller performance boasts of the continuous Current rating of 12.1 Amps with a maximum current of 20A when a 3AC 400 V mains voltage is applied with 4 kHz switching frequency. The Communication Module ensures that the most efficient dissipation of heat takes place leading to the overall smooth functioning and effective monitoring of the automated system.

The firmware along with the factory assigned ID helps in an easy two-way communication of the system while using this drive. This, in turn, helps to lower the running costs, especially when multiple subsystems are synchronized to run by optimizing the power supplies.  This can further maximize efficiency by incorporating the patented “Sercos interface DDS” plug-in. From drive controllers like the HMS01.1N-W0020-A-07-NNNN to the enterprise digital transformation solutions; our automation platform enables the user to efficiently automate the workflows and decisions with speed and scale.

Product: HMS
Line: 1
Design: 1
Power Supply: Without
Cooling Mode: Air, internal (through integrated blower)
Maximum Current: 20 A
Protection Mode: IP 20
DC-Bus Nominal Voltage: DC 700 V
Other Design: None
HMS1.1N-W0020-A-07-NNNN HMS01.1N-W0020
HMSO1.1N-W0020-A-07-NNNN HMS 01.1N-W0020-A-07-NNNN
HMS01-1N-W0020-A-07-NNNN HMS011NW0020A07NNNN