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HDD Series Drive Controller manufactured by Indramat, Bosch, Rexroth. This Controller features a Rated Current of 40 A along with a Cooling Method of air, internal (with built-in blower).

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The HDD12.2-W040N is a dual motor HDD Series 2nd generation drive controller that is produced and manufactured by Bosch Rexroth, Indramat. Bosch Rexroth AG which is a German-based firm is responsible for providing support to mechanical and plant engineering industries with its unique and cutting-edge technology products. The HDD12.2-W040N produced by the company comes with the pre-assigned setting for parts consulting controller family, Functional ID code, Version of Function ID, and Command Communication. The drive controller creates an interface that makes the connection with the rest of the system stronger when the product is used in case of different industries.

Falling under the factory assigned set version of 2, HDD12.2-W040N is able to perform perfectly depending upon the situation demanded by the industries. The drive inputs 530-670 VDC of power and output 500 VAC of power while functioning. With heat absorbing built-in blowers the internal part of the drive is kept cooler as the drive controller inflows about a rated Current of 40 A. As this type of equipment focus on meeting the demand for the technical industry, therefore people having a year of experience are qualified to work on this equipment or within its proximity. In order to achieve optimum results workers are also requested to work on additional accessories and spare parts that are initially pre-approved by the company.

While using the drive controller, it must be tackled by someone who is an expert so that no water can reach the internal part and damage the drive controller. The handler of the drive must always take care that no condensed water droplets collected by the blower are sprayed on the internal devices. Doing this will result in data loss and bring out dangerous results.

Product Group: HDD
Line: 12
Version: 2
Cooling Method: air, internal (with built-in blower)
Rated Current: 40 A
Other Versions: none
Controller Family: Factory Assigned
Command Communication: Factory Assigned
Function ID Code: Factory Assigned
Version of Function ID: Factory Assigned
HDD122W040N HDD12.2 W040N
HDD 12.2-W040N HDD-12.2-W040N