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CLM 01.3-X-0-2-0-FW

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Bosch Rexroth Indramat CLM Axis Positioning Control Series.

CLM 01.3-X-0-2-0-FW

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Bosch Rexroth Indramat CLM Axis Positioning Control Series.

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Product Description

The CLM 01.3-X-0-2-0-FW is a four-axis positioning control motor manufactured by Bosch Rexroth Indramat. This optimum performance device comes from the CLM axis positioning control series. The CLM 01.3-X-0-2-0-FW features a firmware form of factory assigned and is a design 3 module and line 1. It comes with an output/input expansion or without expansion, a 2 axis, standard quality of axes and a factor assigned.

This CLM controller is an optimum performance controller that is designed with direction and step outputs to stepper drives. The first three axes are linear while the 4th axis is the rotating axis that can be configured as A, B, or C axis. The system also features a Y slave that enhances the flexibility of the machine. All the 4 axes can be configured with independent adjustable maximum acceleration and velocity. Furthermore, a remote analog 0-10V for VFD is offered on board for spindle controlling application.

The interpolation feature offered is a curved, linear curve with modifiable arc tolerance. All the axes or any two can be programmed for line (linear) interpolation. Any two axes can be programmed for circular (curve) interpolation or any two axes curve with other linear axes interpolation. The CLM 01.3-X-0-2-0-FW features a USB host port that allows the user to interface with conventional drives and implement the G-code files and it doesn’t need a PC.

CLM 01.3-X-0-2-0-FW can resume the operation on any power disruption saving the current equipment position. Power up from the disrupted cycle will automatically recover from power failures. CLM 01.3-X-0-2-0-FW controls are used in a wide variety of motion controllers such as packaging machines, robots, roll feeds, woodworking machines, and handling equipment. The CLM Indramat controls are reliable, versatile and precise.

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CLM 01.3-X-0-2-0-FW Technical Specifications

Product: CLM
Line: 1
Design: 3
Firmware Type: Factory Assigned
Input / Output Expansion: Without Expansion, Standard
Quantity of Axes: Two-Axis, Standard
Display Design: Without Backlight, Standard