CLM 01.3-M-0-1-0

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Bosch Rexroth Indramat CLM Axis Positioning Control Series.

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This Indramat part is a positioning control device that is microprocessor based. The CLM01.3-M-0-1-0 can be programmed by the end user and allows for motion control in applications utilizing one or two axis cutout applications. This unit is designed to be used with AC servo drives from Indramat that feature brushless design. The unit allows for closed-loop synchronization in a modular package which is quite economical for the end user.

The CLM01.3-M-0-1-0 is good for use with sheet line machines, cutoff application coil machines, pipe cutting machines, corrugated materials, and cross-cut sawing. The unit can perform complex tasks thanks to its ability to multi-task. The device has the ability to control a background I/O program at the same time while also controlling two motion programs for a total of 3 things being controlled simultaneously.

This positioning control device from Indramat consists of the flying cut off control, a MAC AC servo motor complete with an incremental encoder and tachometer. The CLM01.3-M-0-1-0 also consists of the TDM servo amplifier for motion control, a TVM power supply, a measuring wheel complete with an incremental encoder and a interconnect cable set.

The combination of the MAC servo motor, TDM servo amplifier, and the TVM servo power supply along with a flying cutoffs mechanical system provide the best fit for particular machine applications as mentioned above. The design ensures the integrity of the device’s operation as well as ensures that the unit will operate safely which are key concerns for both the manufacturer and the end user. The CLM01.3-M-0-1-0 positioning control unit provides the best in machine control allowing there to be no need for additional line control from external sources.

Product: CLM
Line: 1
Design: 3
Firmware Type: Factory Assigned
Input / Output Expansion: Without Expansion, Standard
Quantity of Axes: One-Axis, only possible with software type ’M’ and without input / output expansion
Display Design: Without Backlight, Standard
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